2009-04-20 : The ER Sense of Humor

ER = Emergency Room.

Via MetaFilter, a hilarious epic thread on the Student Doctor Network Forums: Things I Learn From My Patients. It's thousands of posts long, it's been going since May '03.

By "hilarious" I mean "horrifying," of course. For instance, I promise you, never mind the whole thread, you should stop reading before you get to post #46. WELL before.

Seriously, or else don't blame me.

1. On 2009-04-20, Julia said:

Those were funny! I feel a little better about my crappy night at work last night now. Sad thing is, those types of stories are not limited to the ER. I have a few from working in a sleep study lab, and my nursing school rotations at the mental hospital, the good old local med-surf floor, the pediatric ward (at the esteemed institution which employs you), the birthing center, and the "pediatric" floor of a long term care nursing home (average age of resident=18 yrs).

Health care brings out the stupid in people—and vice versa.


2. On 2009-04-20, Chris said:

I come back to this thread every couple of years and remind myself about people.

I think my favorite was the father bringing in the teenage daughter with "Stomach pains", to which she delivers a baby and he exclaims, "I don't know what you all did in there, but she wasn't pregnant when she got here!"


3. On 2009-04-20, Ben Lehman said:

These are excellent. #46 isn't the worst of them.



4. On 2009-04-20, Ben Lehman said:

There's #2123, for instance.


5. On 2009-04-21, Julie, aka jrs said:

I attempted to read #46 aloud to an innocent bystander, and cracked up after the 4th word. I really have no compassion.


6. On 2009-04-21, Soren said:

I like #2595.

I still nearly piss myself reading about the diabetic coke fiend who covered himself in sugar and dog food.


7. On 2009-04-23, Christian Griffen said:

God I'm in tears over here.  Actual tears of laughter (and sorrow for humankind) running down my cheeks.


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