2009-11-02 : A Flattering Review

Hey, everybody. There's a new review of the Poison'd out on RPGnet, by WalkerP: REVIEW OF Poison'd: a pirate rpg by Vincent Baker.

It's a good review. I'm particularly pleased that he sees and talks about the game's underlying conventional-rpg structure. Not everybody notices that.

(I met WalkerP in Montreal at Draconis, but I didn't get to spend much time talking to him. I would have liked more.)

1. On 2009-11-02, Graham said:

That's a great review. It seems to be the first one of Poison'd on RPG.NET. Walkerp posts a lot on The RPG Haven, a traditional but nice website.

I'm surprised he hasn't commented on that automatic mechanical reward you get for violating cabin boys. If that doesn't support your premise, I don't know what does.



2. On 2009-11-02, Vincent said:

I know, right?


3. On 2009-11-03, Matthijs said:

So this review made me decide to buy the game. However, the Poison'd and Buy! links at the top of the page lead to pages that don't seem to work.


4. On 2009-11-03, Vincent said:

Ha ha! Funny.

It's all just part of the Forge's hiccupiness right now. The links are working for me this morning.


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