2009-11-11 : When Swine Flew

Ha ha ha! "Swine flew." I slay me.

This flu's going to slay me.

Well, probably not. The truth is though that I'm the only one still well in my house, and I can hear it creeping closer. Soon there will be no one well in my house.

1. On 2009-11-11, Charles S said:

Oog, sorry to hear it. Surprisingly, there are often holdouts when a flu sweeps through a house, so you still have a chance.

"And what are the advantages of porcine aviation?"

Sorry, I've been getting Monty Python references coming out of my brain a lot lately. I think maybe the flu damaged my geek suppression reflex.


2. On 2009-11-11, Matt Wilson said:

Avoiding the flu sounds like doing something under fire. Roll + Cool.

I would offer you a helping die if I could.


3. On 2009-11-15, Matthijs said:

Good luck! We just had it. Putting the afflicted members in quarantine seems to have helped: No touching other family members, washing hands with anti-bac, staying in their rooms whenever possible.


4. On 2009-11-15, Vincent said:

Well, everyone's on the mend, past the "24 hours since they had a fever" stage. We went to Northampton today and the kids played in a playground, but they had no endurance and they fell asleep in the car on the way home (which Seb hasn't done for years, but did today), and we've all been whiny and worn out since. So: on the mend, but not yet mended.

I never got it, just as Chaz predicted, but I'm whiny and worn out nonetheless.


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