2009-11-17 : Mechaton Interview

Ninja vs Pirates interviewed me about Mechaton, and now it's online! I'm listening to it now.

NvP 3x02 - Mechaton with Vincent Baker

1. On 2009-11-17, rayhawk said:

Just heard the blurb towards the end about Lego not being able to design games worth a damn - does that include their fancy new boardgames line this year?  I thought with Reiner Knizia on the team they might have a better chance this time around, but I haven't checked any of them out yet.


2. On 2009-11-18, Vincent said:

I don't know! I haven't checked them out yet either.


3. On 2010-11-19, Tomhawk said:

After listening to this, I really got a better feeling that Vincent put a lot more thought into this game, and that the rules are deeper than they appear.


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