2010-06-02 : Reset!

I lost some days to the Forge. Let's try again with:




1. On 2010-06-02, Weeks said:

*sigh*  ;-)


2. On 2010-06-02, Vincent said:


But no biggie. The Forge is better, and I console myself with the fact that I meant to count down from 20 in the first place.


3. On 2010-06-03, Simon C said:

I forgive you Vincent.

Now quit gagging your lolly and get back to work!


4. On 2010-06-03, kaare berg said:

Pre orders where?

I'll miss the launch because of a wedding.


5. On 2010-06-03, Gregor said:

You're in luck, Kaare. The counter was reset.


6. On 2010-06-03, Teataine said:

If I understand correctly:
T-5 until the text body is done.
After that T-10 for cover, art, index, all that stuff.
Then pdf release and preorders.


7. On 2010-06-03, Vincent said:



8. On 2010-06-03, Christian Griffen said:

I'll be in line for preorders for sure. This is hands down my favorite RPG of yours (and possibly of any RPG I've played period).


9. On 2010-06-03, Markus said:

Hey Vincent, it definitely seems like you're doing it under fire from here. Roll+cool and tell us what you get. :-)


10. On 2010-06-03, Weeks said:

Shut up!  This is one of those 'say yes' conflicts.


11. On 2010-06-03, Julia said:

Perhaps you should roll +weird and open your brain to the psychic maelstrom first, then roll +cool if you really feel like you're doing something under fire.


12. On 2010-06-07, Vincent said:

Almost ... there. Almost ... there!


13. On 2010-06-07, Matt Wilson said:



14. On 2010-06-07, Alex said:

Where where where ?


15. On 2010-06-07, Meguey said:

Check those corners. Check those corners!


16. On 2010-06-07, framweard said:

We're so close, we're so close! Go Vincent! Hooray!



17. On 2010-06-08, Vincent said:

Dang it, I went into the negative.



18. On 2010-06-09, Anna Kreider said:

You can do it!


19. On 2010-06-10, Alex Abate Biral said:

Hey Vince, I work with computer programming, and I know how hard it is when you are almost done with something, but that something refuses to actually be done. It always seems like you are almost finished and the tension seems like it is going to drive you mad.

I know this isn't worth much, and in the end, you have more experience with this kind of thing than me (going by the number of rpgs you have published), but me and your other fans are here cheering for you. Sorry if this post sounds silly, but you look like you could use a good pat on your shoulders.


20. On 2010-06-10, Vincent said:

Thanks, Alex!


21. On 2010-06-11, Vincent said:

My head aches, my back aches. I have 6 bookmarks left sticking out the top of my editing copy, shit like "rewrite this example to include the new harm move." People are coming over any minute, expecting me to run this bastard game, which thought I can barely face.

6 bookmarks left. Three hours' work, maybe less, if I were fresh and energetic. It seems undoable.

Wah poor me.


22. On 2010-06-11, PeterBB said:

I'm theoretically working on my last paper for the year, so I know how you feel. Good luck!


23. On 2010-06-11, Tim Ralphs said:

So, what? You should probably take a day off from even thinking about Apocalypse World, and then come back to it when you remember that you love it?


24. On 2010-06-11, Chris said:

All of this angel on the shoulder stuff is feeling... unbalanced.

Just quit, Vincent. You know you want to. All that typing, and editing, and balancing, and editing, and typing. It could aaaaaaaalll go away. Just throw away the physical copies. Just shift-delete the digital copies. Just shut down the website. All of the little baby birds, chirping, and chirping, and chirping, hungry for regurgitation. Go ahead. This could all be over.

You could finally, finally..... sleep........

Have a good day!


25. On 2010-06-11, framweard said:

I find that a long, sweaty adventure out of doors followed by a warm shower and tea makes me much more excited to write.

I'm sure you have your own rituals, but I like to feel like I'm helping. :-P


26. On 2010-06-12, Julia said:

Well, thanks for running the bastard. That was fun!


27. On 2010-06-12, Vincent said:

It was! The game turned out good, I'm glad we played.

So. Here I am, 5 days late, but it's a rainy Saturday and I'm not doing anything else until I'm done. I have 5 bookmarks left I have to clear, 5 pieces that need rewriting and then I'm done with the writing and done with the laying out, down to a final proofread and indexing. Got my tea, got my music, closed the study door. Hitting submit and then getting off the internet. Ready? Set? Go!


28. On 2010-06-12, Vincent said:

4 bookmarks left!


29. On 2010-06-12, Vincent said:

3 bookmarks left!

Taking a quick break.


30. On 2010-06-13, Vincent said:

Turned out to be a long break. Cooked dinner, watched Survivorman, was thankful.

2 bookmarks left.


31. On 2010-06-13, Vincent said:

1 bookmark left.


32. On 2010-06-13, Vincent said:

And 0.


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