2010-09-23 : the lumpley games PDF library

the lumpley games pdf library - $25

Available now. It's kind of an experiment, so it may not be available forever!

1. On 2010-09-23, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

If I didn't already own four of these games, I'd probably buy this. As it is, I'm spreading the word!


2. On 2010-09-23, Warren said:

Yeah, if I hadn't just bought AW (and I already own PDFs of everything else), I would jump at this.


3. On 2010-09-23, Eppy said:

Well damn.

I'm pretty sure I'm marrying into a complete Lumpley collection, but if nothing else, this'll kick my ass towards appreciating it.


4. On 2010-09-23, Vincent said:

Three more points:

1. Happy Mabon!

2. As with all my PDF sales, this includes free lifetime upgrades/revisions.

3. If by chance you bought one of my PDFs in the last little while and you'd like to upgrade to the library instead, drop me a line at lumpley at the gmail. I'll be happy to set you up.


5. On 2010-09-23, Leo '14thWarrior' Lalande said:

I already have the hard copy of DitV, but so long as this bundle is still available in two weeks; you've got a guaranteed sale here.


6. On 2010-09-23, Jeff Russell said:

Wow, what a fantabulous deal! As with others, I'd be all over this if I didn't have five of the six games in pdf, and two of them in hard copy. I'm definitely going to pitch this to my friends as a fantastic opportunity to check out these crazy games I've been telling them about (those I haven't had a chance to run for, at least)


7. On 2010-09-24, Alex D. said:

Oddly enough, I was just going to suggest this such thing in the last post, except on a CD or flash drive sold in stores, as an incentive to get people into game stores (and bridge the gap between physical stores & pdf sales).


8. On 2010-09-24, Simon R said:

This is so tweeted.

I'd love you, Paul Czege and a couple of others to get together to do an indie print compilation for retail.

If this was on and IPR it would sell 1000 copies in about a week.


9. On 2010-09-24, Simon R said:

In case you are doing this out of curiosity, this is an amazingly good test of deep discounting, but a very poor test of PDF price sensitivty. I've got lots of data on this. Email me if you are interested.


10. On 2010-09-24, Vincent said:

Simon -

IPR and rpgnow: this is a very interesting point you raise. Hmmm.

Discounting vs price sensitivity: with you! I've emailed you.


11. On 2010-09-26, Simon R said:

@Vincent This will take a while, but I'll get back to you.


12. On 2010-09-27, Josh said:

I have only played Apocalypse World, which has now become a major standard in what RPGs should be. I found this to be an amazing deal, and am happy to support the author!


13. On 2010-09-28, Vincent said:

Thanks, Josh!


14. On 2010-09-28, Marhault said:

Bought!  Great deal.  This takes 2 games off my "someday" list, 1 off my "WANT NOW" list and I get Mechaton in the bargain (which I'd never have bought otherwise since I don't have legos, but am excited to read nonetheless).

Also, way faster than 24h.  I'm lucky, I guess.  Thanks!


15. On 2010-09-28, Vincent said:

My pleasure!


16. On 2010-09-28, Vincent said:

For anybody who likes to know about things like this, I just sold the 99th set. Pretty cool!


17. On 2010-09-28, Edige23 said:

Bought—nice to have a pdf in addition to paper copy of DitV. I mentioned and posted about this on RPG Geek which sparked an interesting thread of people trying to explain these games:

Lowell Francis


18. On 2010-09-29, Gregor Hutton said:

Ha! Awesome.

That's real money, and well deserved. It's a great deal.


19. On 2010-09-30, Christian Griffen said:

$2500 in under a week? Not too shabby. :)  And well deserved.


20. On 2010-10-01, DWeird said:

I will buy these things and enjoy them!

In fact, I made a Paypal account for the purposes of this purchase which I probably won't be using again any time soon.

Now only if this damned credit card got linked succesfully...


21. On 2010-10-10, Darken said:

Thank you so much for this generous offer! I already bought your amazing bundle.


22. On 2011-11-16, Poleaxe said:

Once the $25 is paid for, how do you download the pdf's?


23. On 2011-11-16, Alex D. said:

I've never bought the bundle, but I think Vincent normally fulfills PDFs through the Forge RPG Bookshelf ( If you don't already have an account there, you should receive an email from Vincent with log-in details and you can download the books there.

- Alex


24. On 2011-11-16, Vincent said:



25. On 2012-01-21, ripcrd said:

Just bought the bundle.  I've wanted Apocalypse World for a while and wnated to get my own copy of Dogs in the Vineyard after playing off someone else's copy. DitV is fun, killed a demon. Played Dungeon World, based off AW. Fun.  Can't wait to try out more of these games.  Got a group interested. Yay!
ripcrd at gmail com


26. On 2012-03-22, JCunkle said:

This is embarrassing, but...

I purchaced the game library some time ago, and since, my computer crashed.

I can't remember which site hosted the bundle.

I'm not asking for a hook up, I think I remember that I can re-download the files, if I just know where to do so?

If you would, can you please point the way?


27. On 2012-03-22, Vincent said:

Oh, no problem. It's hosted at the Forge Bookshelf.

If you run into any trouble, just email me.


28. On 2012-03-22, Moreno said:

Talking about the Forge Bookshelf: it will continue to work even after June? At the same address?


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