2010-10-12 : the lumpley games PDF library sale: going, going...

...gone! Thanks, everybody.

The lumpley games PDF library is still available at the unstore for its regular, still-low price of $40.

the lumpley games pdf library - $40

1. On 2010-10-13, Zac in VA said:

I am very excited to have snapped this up. Five more days?!? Oh nose!

Also - I haven't played KpfS since my freshman year of college. Is this game really 8+ years old?

Lastly - my latest bit of Lonely Fun is using the IaWA oracles to devise character concepts, and then coming up with conflicts for them to work through. Good stuff.


2. On 2010-10-17, framweard said:

May we ask how the experiment went? Did you get a good number of sales?


3. On 2010-10-18, Vincent said:

It went like crazy, yeah. I sold 187 sets. Combined with continued high Apocalypse World sales, it made September lumpley game's best month ever. In number of direct sales, September nudged just higher than June's Apocalypse World preorder spike; in terms of profit, though, September pretty much kicked June's butt.

In order to quit my day job, I'll need every month to be like 1.25 September 2010s. For the first time it seems possible, in a 5-years-out kind of way.


4. On 2010-10-19, Jeff Russell said:

Well, now that you've got Apocalypse World out there, you can just start cranking out hacks and not have to worry about designing full games and all that bothersome time it takes :)


5. On 2010-10-19, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

Hey, Vincent! We should retool Mechaton to use Apocalypse World rules!


6. On 2010-10-19, Vincent said:

That is a distressingly non-terrible idea.


7. On 2010-10-20, Saeblundr said:

very disappointed i missed the pack for 25$, 40$ is above my price point :(

wife is still deciding if im worth enough to be allowed to spend the 25$ anyways *sigh*


8. On 2010-10-20, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

I said it as a joke, then started thinking about it. Dammit.


9. On 2010-10-25, Robert Bohl said:

So: Mechaton:Mechaton-via-AW::Battletech:Mechwarrior?


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