2010-11-22 : Hooray Retailers!

Big thanks to all the retailers who carry my games. Please consider them for your holidaytime custom, yo!

Black Diamond Games, Concord CA
Chicagoland Games, Chicago IL
Crazy Squirrel Game Store, Fresno CA
Endgame, Oakland CA
Fair Game, Downers Grove IL
Gamer Ground, St Louis MO
The Gamer's Torch, Pacific Beach CA
Game Kastle, Santa Clara CA
Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA
Gamma Ray Games, Seattle WA
Graham Walmsley, London UK
Greenfield Games, Greenfield MA
Guardian Games, Portland OR
Leisure Games, London UK
Modern Myths, Northampton MA
Noble Knight Games, Janesville WI
Patriot Games, Sheffield UK
Sphärenmeisters Spiele, Herzogenrath, Germany
Tyche's Games, Athens GA
Worlds Apart Games, Amherst MA

(If I missed you, or if you're a retailer and you'd like to carry my games, drop me a line, lumpley at the gmail. I'll be happy to set you up.)

1. On 2010-11-22, jessecoombs said:

I feel privileged to live between Games of Berkeley and Endgame!


2. On 2010-11-23, Tim Ralphs said:

Yeah, Patriot Games is very good. I should really wander down there and add some hardcopies to my collection of PDFs.


3. On 2010-11-23, Modern Myths said:

You should mention that many of those retailers can also pass along pdfs of your game bought from them!

Thanks for the shout-out, Vincent.

-Jim C. (one of the retailers)


4. On 2010-11-23, Eero Tuovinen said:

How could you forget me, Vincent? I must be like, your oldest retailer, from back when you hadn't published cockroach souffle.

Now I'm totally not going to reorder DiV for the umpteenth time next month.


5. On 2011-01-04, misuba said:

I know some folks who'd be very happy if the list in the sidebar on your Dogs page were made to match this list.


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