2011-03-16 : Toward One

Here you go, Marhault.

I wrote this game in 2003 for the first or second Game Chef competition. I never played it, but some other people did and said it was fun, so that's cool.

I still love the imagery.

Toward One

1. On 2011-03-16, nilum87 said:

I'm a fan of the setting. I can't think of another game set in the Islamic Golden Age, baring Tales of the Arabian Nights, which is a boardgame anyway.

Is it just me or do I see a lot of your later games in this (or the other way around). The Jinn make me think of AW's Fronts. The Stats (more than the Skills) make me think of Poison'd's derived stats.


2. On 2011-03-17, Meguey said:

Or you could play my game, 1001 Nights ;)


3. On 2011-03-17, Marhault said:



4. On 2011-03-17, Vincent said:

nilum: Oh, very much so.

The whole scene of mystics vs Jinn reappears, with a different expression, in Dogs in the Vineyard.

The business of accumulating and spending bonuses is very much like Xs in Poison'd, too.

The idea that you have to provoke a Jinn, making it stronger and stronger, until it finally manifests, so that it's vulnerable to you at its strongest, is philosophically consistent with my game design since, even if it hasn't precisely reappeared.


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