2011-04-05 : Vincent Baker Interview: Apocalypse World

And now my Apocalypse World interview with the Walking Eye is up: Vincent Baker Interview: Apocalypse World

Hooray! Thanks again as always, the Walking Eye.

I haven't listened to it yet. I'm always afraid when one of these things airs that I'm going to sound like a self-aggrandizing moron. Go give it a listen and see if I do!

1. On 2011-04-05, Meguey said:

Huh. ^ That was weird.

Anyway, I listened to it and it was solid. I think we need to maybe figure a better mike set-up.


2. On 2011-04-05, Vincent said:

Maybe! It might have just been our Skype connection. When my Ninja vs Pirates and Jennisodes interviews air we can compare.


3. On 2011-04-05, KevinWeiser said:

Jen and I decided to mail you a new mic headset next time. :)


4. On 2011-04-05, Simon C said:

I thought calling yourself "the Jesus of Game Design" was maybe going a bit far.


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