2011-04-07 : Introducing: the Touchstone

the Touchstone

At the earliest reaches of living memory, the world collapsed. Cities raged, burned, or just died in agony, starved, fell silent. The sky howled. Not everyone who remembers it remembers it the same way. People forgot who they were, where they had come from, what they could make.

Now, in this world of filth and blindness, there are a few with new vision. They go among us at war, indomitable and doomed, hoping and fighting for something better.

The Hocus never did quite account for Shepherd Book, did it? And pretty much everybody who's seen Book of Eli has wanted a playbook for Eli. The Touchstone is my take. Like Shepherd Book, or Eli, the Touchstone has hope and is really good at violence.

Getting the Touchstone
The Touchstone PDF comes free with every Apocalypse World order since April 1, 2011.

If you bought Apocalypse World before then, don't buy it again, even if you really really want the Touchstone! It's cool, but it's not worth $15. Instead, go find somebody who'll trade or share it with you. I have a couple of recommendations:
Story Games: [Apocalypse World] LE Playbooks
RPGNet: Trading Apocalypse World LE Playbooks

At this writing, the Story Games thread is more fun, and includes a bunch of photos of people in masks and holding rocks and things. On the other hand, if you already have the earlier limited edition playbooks, the RPGNet thread is the one that really needs you.

For more information about the limited edition playbooks in general, you can read this.

I'm happy to answer questions! Anybody want to know anything special about the Touchstone?

1. On 2011-04-07, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

"Like Shepherd Book, or Eli, the Touchstone has hope and is really good at violence."



2. On 2011-04-07, Vincent said:

Everybody: there was an error in the playbook. (Of course there was; this wouldn't be publishing if there weren't errors.) I've fixed it. Go download afresh!


3. On 2011-04-07, Matt said:

Wooo! My challenge got mentioned! Geek proud!


4. On 2011-04-07, Keith said:

What if we traded to get the Touchstone, but received the un-revised version? Is there a way to get the download from you that way? Maybe e-mail you the version we got for proof?


5. On 2011-04-08, Steve Hickey said:

Damn it! Must the Hocus has so totally become a Touchstone by the last couple of episodes of our game. I wish I could replay it with this playbook!

Good work, Vincent. This is definitely a niche that needed filling.


6. On 2011-04-08, anon. said:

I was about to buy it as part of a bigger order c/o a european internet games shop. I can still get the Touchstone, and how? Or i need to buy it somewhere else?


7. On 2011-04-08, Vincent said:

Just email me when you buy it. No problem.


8. On 2011-04-09, Emily said:

I think Lauren from Octavia Butler's Parable of the Talents might have been a touchstone. Not sure about the violence part, but we didn't get the story in full unfortunately.


9. On 2011-04-18, Graypawn said:

I just want to say that i've been waffling about buying this book until i read the description of this character.  Now i'm in.  100%.  Not sure what that says to you about me, or to me about you.  But i thought i'd put it out there.


10. On 2011-04-18, Vincent said:



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