2011-09-21 : Registration for Burning Apocalypse is live

burning apocalypse

Quoth Luke:

Registration for Burning Con 11/11/11 is live! Sign up and submit your game. Everyone runs a game!

So excited.

1. On 2011-09-21, nolandda said:

8th RULE: If this is your first time at BURNING APOCALYPSE CON, you HAVE to run.


2. On 2011-09-22, Alex said:

Man, this makes me want to create a fantasy post-apocalypse with hacked AW rules plus some stuff ripped out of BW in a mashup of terrible, fiery car-crash game design.

So, not gonna do that. But rock on, ya'll.

- AD


3. On 2011-09-22, Vincent said:

But you should.


4. On 2011-09-22, Alex said:

Well, I'll need something to keep me busy soon... maybe I'll go reread BW. Actually, I need to play it, before I go tearing it apart.

- AD


5. On 2011-09-23, Vincent said:

Hey, does anybody have any thoughts about what I could run? I'm thinking Apocalypse World (surprise!), but maybe I'm passing up a golden opportunity. Any ideas?


6. On 2011-09-23, Jesse Burneko said:

Much to my disappointment, I'm not going to be there.  So my vote doesn't exactly count but just to lay this on the table...

I personally think it would be fun you and Luke swapped games.  I'd love to see (or hear about after the fact) you run Mouse Guard and Luke run Apocalypse World.

Just a thought.



7. On 2011-09-23, Simon C said:

I got all kinds of problems with Burning Wheel as a game, in spite of (and because of) it's the game that my 14-year-old self fantasised about: Detailed, realist, scholarly, actually playable.

So I say play some Apocalypse World. Or an unholy mashup. No reason you couldn't play straight Apocalypse World with fantasy colour. Watch Verhoeven's "Flesh and Blood" and go nuts. Incorporating Apocalypse World's setting assumtions into a different context is hell of provocative, I think you'll find.


8. On 2011-09-23, Leftahead said:

You bagged on Rock of Wassisname at NaJC, so you owe me!

Will Murderous Ghosts be ready to try by then? Right now AW is the only thing I have enough of a handle on to run, but that sounds really promising!


9. On 2011-09-28, Bret said:

I'm running some crap at this thing!

Vincent, run In a Wicked Age so that I can play it since I only ever run it. Alternately, run Apocalypse World so I can play a Faceless. Alternately, run an orc game with Burning Wheel.


10. On 2011-09-28, Vincent said:

I have to tell you I'm pretty tempted by the children vs orcs scenario that Matt isn't going to run. I might.


11. On 2011-09-28, Bret said:

It's such a great idea.


12. On 2011-09-29, David Shockley said:

The only one of these games I've run before is DitV (Technically I've run BW before, but not really _successfully_).. I'm tempted to try running AW anyway. Is this a horrible idea? (If you were playing in my game, would you feel cheated or something??)

If I did run AW, I'd like to just do a normal first session. Is it necessary to do something more 'prepped'? (I mean, I'd prep some ideas of what to do in case things get 'stuck' I'm asking if I need pre made characters/scenarios/love letters)

Any advice for people who have never run a game at a con before?


13. On 2011-09-29, David Shockley said:

Oh, and how many players should I expect?


14. On 2011-09-30, Vincent said:

What I like to do with AW at cons is play an abbreviated normal first session in the first half of the slot, then break for 10 minutes, then play an abbreviated second session in the second half of the slot. Including end-of-session and beginning-of-session stuff for sure.

Before you play, choose which playbooks you'll put on the table. My choice is hardholder - and insist that someone play it - plus brainer chopper gunlugger savvyhead and skinner, plus whichever LE playbooks seem fun that morning. You'll have to figure out your own favorite selection, but I do recommend only one of hardholder, hocus and operator, and insist that someone play it.

I'd probably specify the number of players you want, just in your game's description.

I wouldn't feel cheated at all!


15. On 2011-09-30, David Shockley said:

Thanks, thats what I'll do.


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