2012-01-02 : 2011 at lumpley games

These show my games' direct online sales only. They don't include face to face sales at cons or any sales into retail at all. They include both print and pdf sales.

2011 sales by month

2011 sales by game

2011 games in hand

If you'd like to compare backward: 2011-02-18: 2010 at lumpley games

I'm always delighted to answer questions, if anybody's got any. Not a bad year!

1. On 2012-01-03, GB Steve said:

Please feel free not to answer if you think it's too cheeky, but I wondered what the proportions were in terms of profit (or sales value) instead of numbers.


2. On 2012-01-03, Vincent said:

Not too cheeky. I'll get together a chart later, but the big difference is just that the lumpley games pdf library is wicked profitable. It comes out something like this:
Apocaypse World 50%
the pdf library 25%
Everything else 25%


3. On 2012-01-03, Robert Bohl said:


How would these numbers compare to lifetime sales? I'd expect Dogs would be much larger than it is, but do you think it'd be the majority or has the explosive growth of AW eclipsed it?


4. On 2012-01-03, Vincent said:

My games' lifetime sales are very roughly:
Apocalypse World 1800
Dogs in the Vineyard 3200
Everything else 3000

Dogs in the Vineyard is still my biggest seller, yeah. It has a 5-year head start. Apocalypse World probably won't overtake it until 2013.


5. On 2012-01-03, Robert Bohl said:

I suspect that in the end, it will eclipse Dogs. It's so much more generalizable.


6. On 2012-01-03, Simon R said:

Another good year for you, excellent. PDF bundles are pretty solid earners. I've found, though this inspires me to try something more ambitious this year.

PDF vs Print net margin / gross sales would be educational.

I'm waiting for my Dec 2011 distributor sales, then I will share.


7. On 2012-01-06, Mantisking said:

Nice to see Mechaton still doing well.  It looks like it's in fourth place—not counting the PDF Library.


8. On 2012-01-06, Vincent said:

Yeah! Mechaton's never really broken out, but it's always sold nice and steady.


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