2012-01-06 : Jan-Feb Countdowns

Psi*Run to the printer in 1.
Murderous Ghosts back to the printer in 5.
MFzero to J in 10.

Then what?

Code name CROSSOVER in 30?
Code name LLAMA FLAMES II in 30?
Code name PLATEAU in 30?
Code name ANTHOLOGY in 30?

Maybe something else?

Hard to predict.

Oh, friends! While I have your attention, an unrelated matter. The Walking Eye could use your help. If you're of a mind and have the means, give 'em a hand: The Walking Eye Con Donation Drive.

1. On 2012-01-07, Colin said:

Will there be any more Going into Darkness ? The first two installments were great.


2. On 2012-01-07, Vincent said:

Oh maybe. It's a fun thing to do when I can steal half an hour at work. We'll see.


3. On 2012-01-08, esoteric said:

If code name ANTHOLOGY has anything to do with In a Wicked Age, then yes, that one. Otherwise I'm always up for another LLAMA FLAMES, that's some good shit there.


4. On 2012-01-11, Matt Wilson said:

Llama Flames is an anagram for Mama All Self. I think it's a game about conquering post-pardum depression.

Or: Fa La Slam Elm, a game about singing while you practice your karate moves in the forest.


5. On 2012-01-11, Keith said:

Whichever one has anything to do with Mechaton.


6. On 2012-01-11, Vincent said:

Oh, not to worry, that's MFzero to J.


7. On 2012-01-12, Mantisking said:

Are those weeks or days in the countdown?


8. On 2012-01-12, Vincent said:

Days, but I'm behind already. Let's see.

1 0

Murderous Ghosts
5 4
3 2
1 0

MFz to J
9 8
7 6
5 4


9. On 2012-01-17, Vincent said:

And MFz to J: done, right on time!

Murderous Ghosts back to the printer: ready to go, just waiting for the trip down.


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