2012-07-15 : Also, 1001 Nights

Here's the video I helped Meg make, that started me on this kick. It's for her 1001 Nights Indiegogo campaign.

Her thing on Indiegogo, incidentally, is just outfunding mine, despite mine having a few days' head start. I don't blame you all! Meg's awfully cool and in the video she maybe even winks at you. Who wouldn't fund her?

A Thousand and One Nights by Meguey Baker

1. On 2012-07-16, Vincent said:

Mm. Meg's is now a solid 20% ahead of mine. Not that we're competing. Much. Go Meg's go!

(Go mine go!)


direct link

This makes...
AD go "Go team Baker go!"

2. On 2012-07-16, Vincent said:

...And now hers is 25% ahead and mine is basically sitting still. Go hers. (Go mine, go!)

She just updated hers with a recipe for Persian Rice, as an example of what's going to be in the little customized booklets I'll be putting together for The Sultan's Own Chefs. Check it out.


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