2012-07-29 : Orphone's Seclusium's Final Push!


$1360 to raise and 63 hours to go! We can do it!

I'll sweeten the deal! From this point on, every new backer gets their choice of one of my games in PDF:
- Apocalypse World (including all 6 Limited Edition playbooks)
- Dogs in the Vineyard (moral brinkmanship in a West that never quite was)
- kill puppies for satan (the one that started it all)
- In a Wicked Age (my beautiful, flawed Sword & Sorcery game)
- Murderous Ghosts (my newest and, at this writing, the most accessible rpg there is)
- Poison'd (a blood-soaked pirate game of ambition and betrayal, for adults, please)

Every new backer at $30 or higher gets their choice of two of my PDFs, PLUS a sandbox setting by Rob Conley (Majestic Wilderlands, Points of Light, Blackmarsh, etc) in print.

edit: Not just new backers, that's crappy. PDFs for all backers.


1. On 2012-07-29, Vincent said:

If anybody has questions about any of my games, I'm delighted to answer. (Including "really? The most accessible rpg there is? Care to back that up?")


2. On 2012-07-29, carlgnash said:

Hello Vincent, I have been on the edge and finally took the plunge with a $30 pledge.  Not sure if this is the appropriate place to state this, but I select "Dogs in the Vineyard" and "Apocalypse World" for my .PDF pot-sweeteners.

Good luck with the rest of the campaign, I am keeping my fingers crossed!


3. On 2012-07-29, tenkar said:

Vince, does this mean that those that backed your project before your announcement aren't eligible for the free games?


4. On 2012-07-29, Vincent said:

Yeah that's kind of crappy, so no, my misstep. PDFs for all contributors!

Carl, let me figure out how best to organize it. Maybe wait for my email.

Thanks everybody! Only $75 to go!


5. On 2012-07-29, Vincent said:


Even yesterday I'd given up hope.


Anna's? Dare I hope ODERUS URUNGUS'?


6. On 2012-07-29, tenkar said:

Nicely done Vince.


7. On 2012-07-30, Alex D said:

"Every new backer at $30 or higher gets their choice of two of my games, PLUS a sandbox setting by Rob Conley (Majestic Wilderlands, Points of Light, Blackmarsh, etc) in print."

Vincent, this is ambiguous to me and implies that backers at $30 or more get two of your games printed. I strongly doubt this is the case, but you may want to clarify. Maybe I just fail at reading, though.

- Alex


8. On 2012-07-30, Vincent said:

Ah, you're right! My games in pdf, Rob Conley's in print.


9. On 2012-07-31, Vincent said:

I love you all but stop backing mine! Back someone else's! You can buy mine after it's in print but without your help somebody else's won't ever get made!

Here are six to look at instead.


10. On 2012-07-31, Larry said:



11. On 2012-07-31, Weeks said:

Too bad you can't easily redirect your 'overflow' into another.


12. On 2012-07-31, Vincent said:

It's true.

Kelvin Green's Horror Among Thieves is less than $700 away! Go Kelvin go!


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This makes...
AD go "Made it!"

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