2013-05-23 : Random Drawings from the Past

Linking to my Game Chef '08 illustrations gave me nostalgia. Here are some random drawings from the past, by yrs trly.


Gerard from Salt River

Red Sky A.M.

A space marine

Happy New Year

Happy new year 2012

Naked Mole Rats

You cannot do the naked mole rat justice.

The Fire Spell

The fire spell

God Bless You

A street musician to Sebastian

In a Wicked Age

A young woman, the reincarnation of an ancient sage


Firearms at Gettysburg

Thanks for allowing me some self-indulgence!

1. On 2013-05-23, Vincent said:

One more, one of my all-time favorites. NSFW.

Troubleshooting The Baby
Troubleshooting the baby


2. On 2013-05-23, Vincent said:

And how could I forget this one. Also NSFW.

"That drawing is the best thing in the world." -Matt Wilson

"You must be very proud." -Meguey Baker


3. On 2013-05-23, Judd said:

No dwarves?



4. On 2013-05-23, Vincent said:

I looked! I couldn't find them.


5. On 2013-05-23, Eppy said:

I probably got the dwarves. If we can remember, I can hand them over tonight.


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