2013-08-24 : Announcement: the End of LE Playbooks


Last weekend was Apocalypse World's third birthday and I'm wrapping up the thing with the limited ed playbooks.

A complete set of all 9 limited ed playbooks, including a full updated reference to the character moves and additional rules, is available now from me at Night Sky Games.

In the future, any new playbooks I make, I'll add them to the set or else give them away.

If you recently bought Apocalypse World and feel shorted by this in some way, email me. I'm friendly and accommodating.

If you're making playbooks yourself, this doesn't affect you. Please feel free to keep doing what you were doing. Email me if you have any questions about this.

Thanks everybody! As always I'm delighted to answer any questions anybody might have.

1. On 2013-08-24, Nick said:

9? I know about...

Maestro D'
Space Marine Mammal

... What's the one I'm missing?


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2. On 2013-08-24, Vincent said:

The playbooks in the LE set are:
The faceless
The hoarder
The Macaluso
The maestro d'
The marmot
The quarantine
The solace
The space marine mammal
The touchstone

Odds are that you already have all of these but the Macaluso, which hasn't been available in English until now.


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3. On 2013-08-25, Alex D said:

Can you quick-blurb that last one (The Macaluso), when and if you have a chance?

- Alex


4. On 2013-08-25, Ross said:

Heya Vincent!

I tried to tap you on G+, and for the life of me I can't find your email anywhere on the site, here.

I want to buy some of your stuff, but don't use PayPal.  What's your email so we can work this out?  Thanks!


5. On 2013-08-25, Mendez said:

Is the Grotesque an official LE playbook?


6. On 2013-08-25, Meserach said:

Hi Vincent, purchased the refbook and it looks great. One thing did strike me though: the walkingsuit rules have a rule for when you go into "hard shutdown", but this term isn't defined anywhere else that I can see. Is this when the suit's taken full damage, or another time?


7. On 2013-08-26, Vincent said:

Ross: You happened to write me at the beginning of my vacation. I'll get back to you soon!

Mendez: Nope! I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't recall offhand who made the grotesque, but I'm sure you can find out at the barf.

Meserach: It's not when the walkingsuit takes full damage, no. That circumstance is covered by the harm & vehicles rules.

You're right that the rules don't specify how to put a walkingsuit into hard shutdown.

Mechanically, it'd fall under the MC move where you activate their crap's downside.

If you're a PC who wants to put a walkingsuit into hard shutdown, you'll have to figure out a way yourself. I'd ask a savvyhead - the workspace rules have got you well covered.


8. On 2013-08-26, Vincent said:

Oh, I also should mention that a new players' refbook is available for free at It's basically the same stuff as the playbook set always was, but letter sized instead of legal, and including a basic character move reference. If you've picked up the LE set, you'll recognize the format.

If you want it, go get it!


9. On 2013-08-26, Ross said:

Thanks Vincent!
I had just seen you had posted in the world a few times, and I was just making sure I hadn't fallen through the cracks.


10. On 2013-08-29, Greg Pogor said:

I have to ask: the macaluso's name, where does it come from?


11. On 2013-08-30, Vincent said:

It's the name of a real person who occupies a ceremonial role at Lucca Comics & Games.

The Macaluso playbook falls far short of the reality of the Macaluso. The Macaluso playbook is only my humble attempt to express some of the ideas that the reality of the Macaluso inspired in me. I should officially say that I do not believe or feel that I have in any way captured or encompassed the real Macaluso.


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