2014-03-17 : AW:Dark Age: Big Changes Coming

AW:Dark Age

Let me tell you where I'm at.

Your feedback has been tremendous. The most useful thing to me has been your questions. When you ask me a question, I can tell whether it's:
- A straightforward question with a straightforward answer;
- A straightforward question, and I haven't decided the answer;
- A place where the game's grinding a little, but minor changes elsewhere can smooth it over;
- A place where the game's grinding a little, and I'll have to work to fix it;
- A place where the game's for reals breaking down.

When I have enough people asking me questions, the questions start to repeat, and soon, nobody's asking me any new ones. That's where we are with the first-look document now, and have been for a week or so.

When this happens, I take it to mean that the current round of feedback is complete, and it's time to make a revised document. Eventually, several rounds from now, it'll be the last round of feedback, and when it's done, it'll be time to make the finished text.

But meanwhile I'm still up to my elbows in this first revision, and it's much more extensive than I'd predicted. I've been exploring possibilities, mapping out dead ends, groping my way into new ground. I'm excited about what I'm making and I think you're going to be excited to see it.

I've been promising a revised document "at or near the end of March," and that still seems realistic to me. Look for another 5-day countdown as the 30th approaches.

Oh, and I've hooked up with an artist. We'll make an announcement about that pretty soon, I think.

Thanks, everybody!

1. On 2014-03-17, Alex D. said:

I'm mighty hopeful for something by, oh, mid-next-week, but it looks doubtful and this isn't really the sort'f thing you can rush. So, all this to say, I'm excited to see it when it's ready. :)

- Alex


2. On 2014-03-17, Vincent said:

Meaning, like, the 26th or so? Yeah. We'll find out, but I wouldn't make any plans on it.


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This makes...
AD go "Yeah, around there, but..."*

*click in for more

3. On 2014-03-17, nerdwerds said:

I'm really looking forward to playtesting the revision! I'm already making plans to play it on April 4th/5th.


4. On 2014-03-17, gwathdring said:

I'm super stoked!

Reading through the original file now and while I won't bug you about it with details or questions since you're already onto the next draft and I'm late to the party, I will say that draft 1 has already responded to some things I've felt didn't quite work optimally in Apocalypse World in addition to making some much more tone/setting dependent changes.


5. On 2014-03-18, Andy said:

Should I hold off on taking the rules for a spin, then? I didn't have anything solid planned, and could easily wait before pitching an AWDA mini-arc to my players.


6. On 2014-03-18, Vincent said:

Yes, please wait!

Now, of course you can play with the existing first-look document if you want to, but only for your own fun. It won't benefit from any more playtesting.


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This makes...
Andy go "Can't wait!"

7. On 2014-03-22, Rich said:

I'm with them.  So looking forward to this new release! 

We've set up a PbP game and are about ready to draw up a map.  Of course, we'll make changes when the update is out.  Unfortunately, PbP is so slow, I doubt we'll be able to offer you any timely advice, but I will say that this game is very well suited to PbP!  It really pushes all my dark fantasy loving geek buttons!


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