2014-03-31 : AW:Dark Age: No Countdown Yet!

AW:Dark Age

You may have noticed from no countdown that the playtest document isn't ready yet. I had many dead ends to map, it turns out! I still have more.

Several things that I thought were out are back in, including stat substitution moves, oaths, and holdings-as-such. There are several wholly new things, including Blood-moves, a new system for experience, and a system for battle. The new list of basic moves I posted last week is already outdated!

I'm still working on bringing the original 5 playbooks up to date, let alone the MC's material and supporting pages, let ALONE the new playbooks and the rest of the to-do list.

This is what you should expect, by the way. All the games I've ever created have been like this. What's new and exciting with this game is how fast it's going. Between the groundwork Apocalypse World has already laid and the large number of eager playtesters, I've accomplished in one month what should legitimately have been six months' work, and no sign yet of slowing down.

Oh! And one more thing. The artist I'm working with is my very talented brother Drew Baker. He hasn't done any work for the game yet, and probably won't soon, but here's his painting of Eowyn and the Nazgul to tide us over.

1. On 2014-03-31, Andy said:

Excellent! I'm really stoked to find out what the next version looks like.


2. On 2014-04-01, Joao said:

Very promissing stuff. Your brother is a talented artist. I hope, for this game,  to see some B&W from him, though.

Regarding the dead ends you are working on, just saying I love the cameback of oaths and holdings, that's because in my 1st look playtest, which went marvelously good, those where the things that I felt most helped create an engaging situation for all the players involved,

There was a lot of cooperatively worldbuilding going in the map stage mainly because of holdings) and there was, because of oaths, a need to do some retroactive adjustment to the character's backstory, easing (not erasing, mind) some tension between them, which would otherwise become very incompatible and, because of that, the shared fiction became stronger -  which helped immensely to create an engaging situation, like glue to each other's imagination.

So, I am all in favor of stuff like that. It must be hard and fun to map all those dead ends, so I am glad you take your time.

Also, I felt a new system for experience was badly needed, as many have noticed before, and I am very excited to see rules for war and the new blood moves.

Moreso, I guess I hope for kick-off directions to the MC, and would really like to see a couple or three new play books!


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