2014-06-12 : While you're waiting...

AW:Dark Age stands at 7 more things I have to finish before I can release a playtest doc. While you're waiting, though, you might want to check out Davide's The City of Judas (files here, S-G thread here), about a mercenary company in fantasy-medieval Jerusalem. It may scratch your itch!

1. On 2014-06-14, Davide said:

Thanks for the link, Vincent.
It's an honor!


2. On 2014-06-15, Kaptain B said:

Very good ideas inside
Thanks a lot for sharing this inspiring and stylish work

Good job Davide


3. On 2014-06-23, Tim Ralphs said:

Davide, is there a forum or good place to discuss this somewhere? I'd be really interested to hear how having so many basic moves works out.


4. On 2014-06-23, Davide said:

you can see a first discussion on Story Games:

I'd like to open a discussion also on the AW forum but maybe it's a bit too early for that.

I have to say I have this in schedule for a full test with my group this summer, but right now I've been mainly designing, so I don't have an AP to share. The idea of multiple moves though, came from observing the players looking for more subtle options...

:-) I'd like to start testing right away, but my group is enjoying Dark Age too much and we're right in the middle of it :-)


5. On 2014-06-23, Vincent said:

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