2014-07-01 : AW:Dark Age: Despair Not!

AW:Dark Age

I know you were beginning to despair! Nevertheless:

1. On 2014-07-01, Davide said:



2. On 2014-07-01, Joao said:



3. On 2014-07-02, warren said:



4. On 2014-07-03, Chris said:

Makes sense that progress stalled where it did. Anything from 6 down will all be hard moves.


5. On 2014-07-04, tildesee said:

Yep. Pumped :)


6. On 2014-07-05, Vincent said:



7. On 2014-07-06, Gwathdring said:



8. On 2014-07-06, Ereshkigal said:

Gogo! I'd like to test it, since i love AW.


9. On 2014-07-06, warren said:

5! Falling like dominos now!


10. On 2014-07-07, Chroma said:

The final countdown...


11. On 2014-07-09, E. Torner said:

...but despair is so cozy.


12. On 2014-07-10, nerdwerds said:

Five is right out!


13. On 2014-07-15, Ich said:

Prepping my whetstone!


14. On 2014-07-15, Vincent said:

I can't wait to show you this stuff! It's taken some sharp turns from where it's started. You'll barely recognize it. It's turning out pretty interesting.


15. On 2014-07-15, Davide said:

This is so unfair: we're all sure it's very good and very curious, and you tell us we should be—and show us nothing yet!!


16. On 2014-07-15, Tom Lawrence said:

Oh man, sharp turns?

That sounds... interesting. Ominous! But in the interesting way.


17. On 2014-07-16, Gerbo said:

Sounds good! Been distracting myself while waiting with vanilla AW ( as if that's even a thing! )


18. On 2014-07-21, Max said:

Vincent take your time to design a fantastic game But be fast :-p


19. On 2014-07-21, Vincent said:

I got some very good work done last week and this weekend, but it's still all refoundation. I can't cross any new numbers off quite yet.

Soon! Very soon!


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