2005-08-03 : Diana Jones Nomination

The Diana Jones Award Shortlist 2005

That's a short shortlist. Ben and I agree that 2004 was the best year for roleplaying yet - I'm surprised that they narrowed it down so hard. I'm surprised they were able to.

1. On 2005-08-03, Andy K said:

I was really surprised, too.  I mean, I love the inclusion of both Ticket to Ride and Unaris, but I still think there could have been another entry in there or two.

Namely, Matt Wilson.  He literally walked into the scene last year as a total unknown.  Now, for most of us who have gamed with him or have played PTA, it is impossible to think about running a game without the use of scenes, scene framing.

I think he should have gotten a thumbs up.  Then again, that may be guilt speaking, because last year we almost killed him at GenCon by turning the AC down to like 40% in his room by accident, when all he had was a single sheet... :-)



2. On 2005-08-03, Vincent said:

I agree. I've had more fun playing PTA than Dogs, for certain.


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NinJ go "That's only because you never want to play Dogs."*

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3. On 2005-08-03, Emily Care said:

This year was an incredible year for games too. Just take a look at the list of games up for the Indie Game Awards.

Matt definitely deserved the nod. More need for individual awards like the Skully.

Congratulations, nonetheless, V.


4. On 2005-08-03, Ben Lehman said:

James Wallis apparently thinks it was a disappointing year.  I, personally, think he is on drugs.  But there is hope for PTA yet.  Nobilis set the precedent of second editions getting the DJ, so PTA could still do its thing with 2.0 or 3.0 .

My "why isn't that on the list" list is:

Exalted: The Fair Folk
Primetime Adventures
The Shadow of Yesterday
Hollywood Lives!

Of course, I'm biased.



5. On 2005-08-03, Victor Gijsbers said:

Congratulations, Vincent.


6. On 2005-08-03, Matt Wilson said:

1) Congrats, V, Dogs totally deserves it. It's gonna influence everything I ever do in roleplaying ever ever again. I dunno how to make a game now that doesn't look like a Dogs knockoff. I'm like, fuck it, spaceships in the vineyard.

2) Aww, shucks, guys! Your kind words kick so much ass.


7. On 2005-08-03, Jason L Blair said:

I was honestly suprised PTA wasn't on the list, either. I was very pleased to see Dogs there though but then I'm a Dogs hoo-er.


8. On 2005-08-03, ScottM said:

I'm with everyone; Dogs is great and PTA is a solid, ought to have been nominated game. Since it's an evil cabal though, you've got to expect the unexpected sometimes.


9. On 2005-08-03, Jasper Polane said:

Congratulations, Vincent.



10. On 2005-08-03, Ginger Stampley said:

Congratulations, Vincent.

Dogs (and PTA, FWIW) have really changed how I game, so I'm all in favor of you getting the recognition you deserve.


11. On 2005-08-03, Keith said:

Congrats Vincent.


12. On 2005-08-03, John Harper said:

If PTA *was* on the list, we might have an interesting run for the winner. As it is, Dogs is clearly far in the lead. I mean, the other games are cool and all, but c'mon.

And yes, 2004 was an amazing year for games. So much goodness (TSOY!) there just isn't enough time to game.


13. On 2005-08-03, Neel said:

Hey Matt: My own suggested answer to the question, "How do I make an rpg that's not a knockoff of Dogs?" is to play Chris Engle's Matrix game some more.

Then we can make games that rip off both DitV and the Matrix game. :)

Anyway, V. surely deserves the nomination, and if he wins, that too. Congratulations!


14. On 2005-08-04, Tobias said:

Short indeed!

Congratulations, Vincent.


15. On 2005-08-04, ethan_greer said:

Congrats on your nomination, Vincent.

Just out of curiosity, how much industry cred does the DJ award have? Does a win mean a big jump in sales? Does it mean more than that? Less?


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MW go "ask Paul Czege"*

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16. On 2005-08-04, Vincent said:

I have no idea!


17. On 2005-08-04, Emily Care said:

Winning the DJ immediately elevates you to rock star status.

I hear tell that screaming teens mob you at the gate when you go to GenCon after joining the few, the proud.

Seriously, and not to embarras Judd, there's a deja vu here about the relative impact of awards & actual play.  I came across this thread about Trollbabe too, which is related.


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MW go "V gets that already"*
VB go "Snerk!"*

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18. On 2005-08-04, Brennan Taylor said:

What awards are good for is getting new people to try your game. They help overcome initial hesitancy, where folks are like, "Well, if it won an award, it must be good" and give it a shot. That's pretty much all they are good for, though.


19. On 2005-08-04, Emily Care said:

They convey legitimacy, too. To people in and outside of the venue.


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