2005-08-08 : Announcement

It's'a be a boy. He'll be born sometime in December, all goes according to plan. We have a couple possible names in mind, but meanwhile he's called Scample M. The M. is for Marmaduke.

1. On 2005-08-08, JasonN said:

Congratulations!  :)


2. On 2005-08-08, James said:

Woo!  Now the fun really begins. :)

(I gots me my three...)



3. On 2005-08-08, xenopulse said:


I remember seeing Aidan's first ultrasound picture (live), two years ago. There's nothing quite like it.


4. On 2005-08-08, joshua m. neff said:

Damn! Congratulations!


5. On 2005-08-08, Matt Snyder said:

Fantastic! Congratulations to you both ... er, all!


6. On 2005-08-09, Vincent said:

I keep thinking what a good sitcom we'll make. "They had three boys! How will they deal?"


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MB go "Been done..."*
Jason go "See also:"*

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7. On 2005-08-09, kreg said:

wow! Congratulations are certainly in order. ;)
wonderful news!



8. On 2005-08-09, Charles said:



9. On 2005-08-09, xenopulse said:

We have three boys here, and I had two brothers, so I know exactly how that goes :)


10. On 2005-08-09, Chris Goodwin said:

Woohoo!  Congratulations!

Whenever someone asked before he was born what we were going to name ours, we told them Tron.  They quit asking after that.


11. On 2005-08-09, Ninja Monkey J said:


That's a lot of gamers in one place!


12. On 2005-08-09, Peter Dyring-Olsen said:

Congrats all the way from Denmark. It strikes me - that's a hella lotta good work you've done lately, Vincent...


13. On 2005-08-09, Matthijs Holter said:

Congrats! That's a pretty clear picture of his face, there...


14. On 2005-08-09, Shiffer said:



15. On 2005-08-09, Tobias said:

Diana what awards?



16. On 2005-08-09, Matt Machell said:



17. On 2005-08-09, Kaare said:


Two months left and counting here. How's the mom?


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MB go "Did I read you wrong?"*

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18. On 2005-08-09, Emily Care said:

Yay! Welcome Scample M!

How are you doing, Meg?


19. On 2005-08-09, Ben Lehman said:

Congratulations!  More boys?



20. On 2005-08-09, Thor Olavsrud said:



21. On 2005-08-09, Clinton R. Nixon said:

Congratulations! You guys are amazingly blessed - wow, odd word, but I mean it - to have another one on the way.


22. On 2005-08-09, Ginger Stampley said:

Congratulations to both of you and the soon-to-be older brothers!


23. On 2005-08-09, Poh Tun Kai said:

Wow! Congratulations


24. On 2005-08-09, droog said:

Congratulations, man.


25. On 2005-08-09, Tom said:

Scample M?

Man, why can't my girlfriend be so open-minded about baby names.  "We can't name him after Peruvian Rain Gods, we can't name him after your first D&D character, we can't name him Schadenfreude..."  Sheesh.


26. On 2005-08-09, Vincent said:

It's a little known fact that Sebastian's name is Scample R. McChesney (the R. is for Rehastable) and Elliot's name is Scample J. McChesney (the J. is for Jehosaphat). (The McChesney is for no good reason.)


27. On 2005-08-09, Sben said:

Congratulations.  Ms. Sben and I are expecting our first, also a boy, also in December, and we have no idea what we're getting into.  (But at least we know that we don't know.)


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VB go "oh man."*

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28. On 2005-08-09, Kenji said:

Hey, congratulations Vincent.


29. On 2005-08-09, Judd said:


Mazel Tov!

Wonderful news.


30. On 2005-08-09, Jasper Polane said:



31. On 2005-08-09, Meguey said:

Thanks, everyone! I'm going to blatantly ignore the Marginalia and just answer some folks, and I trust you all will bear with me.

xenopulse - We didn't do an Ultrasound with the others, 'cause we didn't feel a need to know. My midwives did request one for Elliot, just to rule out twins. It was pretty neat.

Chris - Ha! Yep. I'm glad we know it's a boy, because I find these questions, in order, the most irritating to ask a pregnant woman: "Do you want a boy or a girl?" "What are you going to name it?" I mean, total strangers, asking if you have preference! Gah! I always liked answering "I want it to be clearly one or the other." The name one is almost as bad, so I ask them what names they like instead. Scample M is good.

N M J - Yep! We're raising the next generation of gamers/game designers all by ourselves. In 15ish years, it'll be Lumpley & Sons - World Games Ltd.

Peter - While I definitely credit Vincent with creative partnership, and also the puttin' up with, I'm the one with the weird food issues and the increased difficulty getting out of bed/cars/chairs! :)

Matthijs - I especially like his chin.

Kaare - I'm at ~21 weeks, so it's more like 3+ months. The other two were 3 wks early, but I really think any time in Dec. is early enough! And I'm fine, thanks for asking.

Emily Care - I'm great! Despite the above answer to Peter, you know I have disgustingly lovely pregnancies.

Ben - Singular! Not plural! (Thank goodness)

Clinton - Yeah, I think so too. I feel like we're doing a decent job with the boys we have, so I feel good about the whole deal. Plus, I always thought I'd have 3, ever since I was ~8 yrs. old.

Ginger - Ha! True to their natures, when the boys told their classmates, Sebastian (8) just casually slipped it in during his Monday check-in and not all his classmates even got it. Elliot (5), on the other hand, announced "Guess what! I'm going to be a big brother AND a little brother!" complete with wide-eyed astonished face and dramatic hand-waving.

Tom - Well, maybe if you make a string of movies, you can name them things like Fifi-Trixiebell and Nebraska. Also, things like Ereshkigel (and there is one around here) are a bit much to live up to when you're 2. And things like Sugar and Honey (also around here) are just doom on a resume.

Vincent - Obviously, McChesney is *your* secret name! I'm on to you now, you sneaky monkey!

Sben - Congratulations to you and Ms. Sben! Vincent once described having a child (especially the first) as similar to standing at the top of a bungee jump (or sky-dive, or other similar scary-but-fun thing) and saying "This is utterly insane, I'm crazy, I'll probably die" and then you go off, and it's scary and fun and exciting and amazing and dangerous all at once.


32. On 2005-08-10, Jasper Polane said:

My wife and I are expecting our first in November. Just the other day I said to her: "I don't think we know what's going to hit us."

I can hardly wait but, man, it's scary as hell sometimes.


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33. On 2005-08-11, Sven Seeland said:

Me and my girlfriend are gonna have our first one in November as well. Some might think it's a bit early with her being 20 years old and me a mere 1 year older but we are both really, really looking forward to it!
It's gonna be a boy as well and that picture of yours makes me remember how exited I was seing the first live ultrasounds of our boy. My knees where shaking, hands getting cold, the whole program.

Children are amazing! I'm so exited and happy and scared as hell! And, no, we don't really know what we're getting into either. Especially with both of us still in college and all that... Well, life is full of surprises, ay?

I'm really glad to hear everything is going well with your pregnancy.

Raising a new generation of gamers! ;)


34. On 2005-08-11, Kirk said:

Congratulations you guys (and everybody else who is having kids too!).


35. On 2005-08-11, Meguey said:

So if I'm reading it right, that's us, Kaare, Jasper, Sben, and Sven Seeland (who may be Sben, I'm not sure) all with babies due in Nov-Dec. That's like a mini-gamer explosion! Someone had better get writing games to play with young children! Dice have been a good thing for our 8 and 5 y.o. to help resolve disputes in their play. Although in the words of Sebastian (8) "We don't need dice, Dad. We use logic."


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MB go "Aha."*

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36. On 2005-08-11, ScottM said:

More congratulations from the peanut gallery.

Does the new child mean you'll no longer have room for monkeys?  Or is there always room for monkeys?


37. On 2005-08-11, Vincent said:

Oh there is always room for monkeys. And their butts.


38. On 2005-08-11, Meguey said:

Well, y'know, monkeys. Gotta have room for monkeys.


39. On 2005-08-12, Kirk said:

Damn straight.


40. On 2005-08-17, Jonas Barka said:



41. On 2005-08-26, Todd said:

Well then, you'll be wanting to consult the "boys" list; at the
Utah Baby Namer website.

Or else just use it for Dogs In The Vineyard.



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