thread: 2008-02-19 : Willing, provoked, inspired

On 2008-02-19, Vincent wrote:

What I want to talk about eventually is creative differences within a creative agenda within a group, and by "a" group I mean my group, but I'm still working up to that.

So, like, yeah, Overton windows.

So here you have five people with their own unique roleplaying histories, and accordingly their own set of expectations about what roleplaying is, what it isn't, what's acceptible, what's weird but fine, what won't fly no matter what. They're like the colorwheel, right? Where the circles overlap, the players share expectations.

So then you have a designed game, like a thumbtack stabbed into the paper. Does it land where everyone's circles overlap? Does it land where only mine and Julia's do?

How much power does the thumbtack have to move people's circles of expectation?


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