thread: 2008-02-19 : Willing, provoked, inspired

On 2008-02-19, Meserach wrote:

Oh dude, the thumbtack can totally move the circles.

The thing is that you don't necessarily realise at the time - it takes a little self-reflection. Like, you come to a game like InSpectres having previously believe that the GM must have primary responsibility for the plot, and then you play this at it doesn't conform and you're like "huh, what a weird little oddity".

Then you talk a little theory - not jargon soaked theory, just people going like "hey what's interesting about this is..." or "I just figured out why this works!" and boom, window shift.

Or you can do the theory first, and then you see it in the play. But you do have to do both. Theory alone won't convince you of any damn thing, you gotta apply it.


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