thread: 2008-02-19 : Willing, provoked, inspired

On 2008-02-21, valamir wrote:

Ben, what about a different tack.  In Blood Red Sands players play generic "Factions" that can be created Universalis style into anything you want...but I've found they really aren't interesting unless the characters are interesting.  I think hanging too much on the teams and not enough on the people might actually be sub-optimal.

What if when you die you aren't out of the game with down time, your role at the table changes...taking over Target Characters seems obvious, but there are potentially even better options.  How well you do at this other role then feeds into the effectiveness of your next character.

That could also address some of the reluctance to go for the throat.  The initial Target Player may be reluctant to go for a TPK, but if TPK allows that player to come back as a total badass team leader then there's a motivation.

Also, a player whose character dies late has less opportunity to "earn credits" and thus more likely their next character will be a newb, so there's actually a reward for being the first to go down.  Also since dying late would be worse than dying really motivates players to go into "survive this at any cost" mode towards the end so they can preserve their character and not come back as a newb.

Anyway, that dynamic sounds fun to me, but I don't know how PvP you want the game to be.


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