thread: 2008-03-01 : Respecting the fiction

On 2008-03-13, Josh W wrote:

Actually I did have a problem with the excerpt, for a split second, the two mental images jostled for position and I gave the new description priority based on its more reliable providence. But then I am one of those (perhaps) rare people who can articulate mental goings on.
But onto the idea of continuity: Why do people record stats? Or health? Because they consider these details important enough to include in the set that is recorded. If you run on a strict scene by scene basis, as many do, then the only details that need to be recorded are those that continue from one scene to another, the changes to fictional elements and their relationships to each other. If you do not, then you either need to record them or summon them procedurally from a rulebook. The game system could then be considered to be an interface that allows you to properly record the state of the world and still be able to "read your own handwriting" on the important details, whichever those might be!


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