thread: 2008-03-01 : Respecting the fiction

On 2008-03-13, Vincent wrote:

In fact that moment of jostling images, which doesn't affect your final understanding of the text at all, is a stylistic technique. It contributes its piece to tension, pace, voice. That split second of confusion, in other words, contributes to your understanding and experience, it doesn't detract from it. It can be the same with roleplaying.

"Properly record the state of the world" drives me insane. If you ever want to see me foam at the mouth and grapple with invisible foes, corner me in person and tell me about properly recording the state of the world.

What that stuff records is the players' positions. It may do so by referring to stuff in the game's fiction, but that's incidental. Your hit point record is like the position of your queen's bishop on the board. It's all about you the player, not your character or the fiction she's part of.


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