thread: 2008-04-09 : Rules vs Vigorous Creative Agreement

On 2008-04-10, Ben Lehman wrote:


I've always expressed as a design principle "there must be situations in which one person's creative vision over-rides the consensus of the group."

Reflecting back on previous design, I've also included explicit or implicit permission/expectation for players to have and express creative visions that might be pushing or breaking normal consensus boundaries for the group (the intimacy chart in Bliss Stage, the experience list in Polaris, the name 'the Devil' in Drifter's Escape.)

You seem to be saying—and I totally think I might be wrong here—that the these consensus-overriding ideas come, in your designs, from the system itself, rather than from any particular player. That strikes me as odd, so I can't imagine that's what you're actually saying.



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