thread: 2008-04-09 : Rules vs Vigorous Creative Agreement

On 2008-04-11, Vincent wrote:

David: 1. Instead I'd say that making long-term priorities override short-term priorities is an example of something that might be unwelcome but compelling. I'd say this because (a) my experience is that people are just as good at keeping long-term play priorities in mind as they are short-term, in general. And (b) sometimes what the rules do is make sure that the consequences of immediate action override the group's long-term vision for the game. (This latter matches Brand's description too: the game's rules ended the game kind of abruptly, when everyone playing it hoped for some more particular, more gradual resolution.)

2. If you were interested in getting faster with it, you would. You'd also figure out how to do it without breaking out of the fiction much at all. This'd be a matter of developing good informal rules - I agree that rules are crucial.


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