thread: 2008-04-09 : Rules vs Vigorous Creative Agreement

On 2008-04-25, Emily wrote:

Hi Mo,

Yeah, I took a series of intro classes to improv last fall. It's great fun, but it takes different creative muscles than working with structure. What Marshall said upthread rang so true for me. :) I bet it is because I'm coming to it from gaming. They are such related activities, but have each such a different approach.

The live form stuff, like jeep form, scratches that itch for me. You are clearly improving off of one another—telegraphing, they call it, giving each other offers, playing off of them and saying yes to eachother. But the games have all these nice techniques like interpelated scene framing and story threads you work within.  Like long-form improv with scene and character structure. It gives you ready hooks to work with and to communicate to one another about.

It's luscious. I am digging it. :)But I can totally see rpg as a laid back version of what you're used to. Improv per se is mad crazy hotness when you've got folks who know how to do it and are in a good groove with one another.



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