thread: 2008-04-30 : Movies and TV

On 2008-05-03, Lisa Padol wrote:

"If it could be any of them, it might as well be any of them, and I'm non-gripped."

Exactly. I've come across this before. (Not in BG, which I have yet to see any of. Will eventually rectify this.)

Diana Wynne Jones is usually Good to Really Really Good as an author, and one thing the Harry Potter books did was to put her back on the radar. But, I did not care for her novel Hexwood. We got so many explanations of what was really going on that by the time we got the real, actual, no foolin', this time it's true explanation, I just didn't care. It could have been any explanation. Yawn.

I had a similar problem with Strange Days, a movie I liked, but wished I'd been able to like better. Who's the serial killer? Well, really, it could be anyone. There's no feeling of "Yes, that fits perfectly! It had to be that person!" Oh, I was able to find one or two small things that made it work a little better, and it didn't kill the film for me, but it was definitely a weakness.

Oddly, I didn't have a problem with Babylon 5's episode where the crew is looking for the Psi Corp infiltrator. I'm not sure why.


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