thread: 2008-04-30 : Movies and TV

On 2008-05-04, Brand Robins wrote:


Re: the Shield... I think I agree, save that I don't find Mackey more hateful than others, in many ways. He's more egregious and immoral, certainly, and blatantly contemptible, but he also has an aggressive, unyielding energy the very lack of which is what makes many of the more morally noble (a very subjective term) characters become contemptible themselves.

But that note aside, I think the show gets my love because it is about the question of justice, law, and morality in a world where people are self interested, blind, and full of prejudice.

Re: Battlestar. I have never been able to stand Baltar. Not even in the "I love to hate him" sense. I mean in the "get this shit off my screen" sense. I've never been sure, however, if that's a fair reaction to the character or it has to do with the fan service fetish doll Cylon fantasy bullshit scenes that constantly parade about him. It's always felt so very fan-wanky that I was never able to take any part of his subplot seriously. (And in many ways I think that is one of the major reasons, along with my dislike of Starbuck, that makes me unable to enjoy the show the way many do.)


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