thread: 2008-04-30 : Movies and TV

On 2008-05-05, Z-Dog wrote:

The movie Manhunter (which was based on Red Dragon) had the Toothfairy serial killer working in a photoshop type place with a blind, beautiful co-worker. They start to date. Now, it's not scary to me that he might kill her: that's the obvious thing. What was scary to me was the idea that here was something unexpected. Not a victim. Not an obvious problem to be eliminated: a date, a woman to date. It really, really threw me, even though I knew it was all going to end badly.

That, for me, is suspenseful too: taking what I think is going to happen, and I've seen many times before, and adding a wrinkle, a totally unexpected wrinkle.

Serial killer killing: fun! but predictable.

Serial killer dating: Huh! OK, how's this going to turn out?


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