thread: 2008-04-30 : Movies and TV

On 2008-05-06, Matt Wilson wrote:

I'm loving Baltar in the current season—and Brand's analysis of the six vision in Baltar's head is so dumb I'm not speaking to Brand ever again. Pandering to fandom? I told Meredith that, and she's all "what a fucking jackass." Okay, she doesn't really say things like that, but she was probably thinking it.

I love how I just can't tell right now just how sincere Baltar is. In season one it's all about saving his own ass. Armageddon and he's not "oh no, billions of dead people!" He's "oh no I'm going to get in trouble!" But now... maybe. I love that I watch and my opinion keeps flipping. It makes wherever he lands at the end all the more potent.


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