thread: 2008-04-30 : Movies and TV

On 2008-05-07, Ron Edwards wrote:

Yeah, Matt. Like that, with this too, for me:

I realized that against all expectations, Baltar keeps ending up in positions of power. And the funny thing is, even though he's hopeless in all sorts of ways, when he's in that position, he also always manages to come up with ugly truths that people in the show really ought to listen to, more than a little bit.

Basically, everything he wrote in that little book of his struck home, really hard. I thought it was important that Roselyn actually ended up quoting him at the end of the "miner's strike" episode, and I'm not sure whether she even realized she was doing it. Leigh's rather powerful speech in the final episode (and that was some damn good writing) also flowed directly from the points that Baltar had been saying for a while.

Yes, he's a cowardly, occasionally vicious, self-obsessed, pretentious git. But when you're right, you're right. The way he's written, I at least, as a viewer, find myself realizing how much we resist the truth depending on who it's coming from.


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