thread: 2008-04-09 : Rules vs Vigorous Creative Agreement

On 2008-05-14, Ryan Stoughton wrote:

RPGs have to provide the comfort zone for us to be in opposition to each other, definitely, but they're definitely not interchangeable.

Some lead us away from what we want, some work only with experienced gamers.  Nose-in-the-book D&D, snow-white-and-the-seven-antisocial-lone-wolves Vampire, even I'd-better-find-something-to-reward-you-for PTA.  If people really know what they want and have great techniques, then vigorous creative agreement might be able to steer clear of all of those things in a rules-free context.  But most of us don't have that level of technique.

IAWA helps us get into that conflicting space without leading us away from the experience we want to see.  Before my eyes, it's doing that well for new players as well as experienced gamers.  That's not something every ruleset does interchangeably.


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