thread: 2008-09-24 : That Reminds Me

On 2008-09-29, Callan wrote:

I don't think the rules cover this one from the speakers side - this is about the listener (though rules can cover this side...I'll get to that).

People, unless they are trying to second guess what is cool, will soon enough say something that is cool to them but not to you, being prompted to do so by the rules.

So I think it's in the listener, not the rules that govern what can be spoken. Someone who's listening for/expecting cool things to be said in game, will think the other person is 'playing the game wrong' even though the other person thinks what they said is cool.

Someone who is listening for what the other person thinks is cool, will hear it, not think it's cool themselves, but think 'Yes, got to hear what they think is cool...good! :)'. And indeed, I think when your friends find something cool but you don't, sometimes after hearing it you may warm to it...but that's a subject for another post!

We think of saying something as an act, but listening as a passive. But what you listen


is just as much an act as running, jumping or speaking is.

I suppose I'm just suggesting having rules for the act of listening, not just for the act of speaking.


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