thread: 2008-09-24 : That Reminds Me

On 2008-09-29, Vincent wrote:

Oh man. Saddest ever.

Sometimes people are like "I was psyched to play your game, Vincent, and I finally managed to talk my friends into it, but they weren't REALLY into it and it wasn't any fun." Sometimes they tell me which of their friends would have enjoyed it, except that which of their other friends really sabotaged it for everyone.

It mostly doesn't happen. Most of the time, in most of the groups I hear about, any one player's enthusiasm will get the other players genuinely on board, or else they'll never even try the game out. But it does happen sometimes.

So yeah, I figure that most groups are able to come to good working agreements about what's cool. Sometimes it's just a subset of what any given member of the group thinks is cool, but it's at least a solid subset. Otherwise, we're back in "no roleplaying is better than bad roleplaying" territory, aren't we?


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