thread: 2008-09-24 : That Reminds Me

On 2008-09-29, Jonathan Walton wrote:

Honestly, I suspect that there are a lot more groups that have the former experience, but they are just, due to their experiences, less likely to post about them.  But maybe it's better not to think about that and assume most people are having fun?

I just had a long chat with John Harper on this issue.  Honestly, I think my Mo-diagnosed social socket may interfere with me getting at some of this stuff, because when I'm playing a game I'm primarily there to be with the people.  The game, from my perspective, is simply an interesting way to structure our social interactions and if it ends up being less fun than hanging out would be, I end up disappointed.

Also, because I can enjoy hanging out with people who have very different ideas of what's cool, the place where social experience and game experience overlap can be really weird for me. Like, I often enjoy being with people even when the game seems pretty mediocre, which can make it hard to diagnose problems (is it the game? the people? me?).


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