thread: 2008-09-24 : That Reminds Me

On 2008-09-30, Jonathan Walton wrote:

Sorry, my train of thought went like this:

1. V says groups that don't share his bliss shouldn't play his games.

2. Is there room for a play group finding a bliss that is different than the designer's bliss, using the designer's game, by building in certain flexibilities?  Basically, are there ways to build in options for drifting the game?

I am led down this patch because the overlapping Venn diagram of shared bliss in some of my play groups is fairly specific, because our tastes are more dissimilar than in other groups I play with. As such, less compatible play groups are stuck playing the same couple games together, ones in which our shared, uh, "bliss space" overlaps with that of the game. Honestly, this is sometimes what leads me to hack games so much, to make them actually work for specific audiences.

One solution is the oft-stated "play with people with more compatible tastes," but it also seems like drift could be a worthwhile goal in some cases, stripped of the stigma it used to have in some Forge conversations. After all, even a lot of fairly dissimilar groups aren't dysfunctional all the time, just when playing a game that doesn't work for everyone.

Is that clearer?


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