thread: 2008-09-24 : That Reminds Me

On 2008-10-01, Kuma wrote:

The emphasis on dynamic player interaction is, in itself, a flavor of 'teh cool'.  I'm very interested in mixing up inter-player dynamics, but that's my bag, not necessarily everyone else's.  What needs to be more fundamentally addressed is player empowerment - creating games that allow each player to take their passion for the game at hand and use it effectively in all of the different spaces of the game.

It sounds like a joke: A wargamer, a drama junkie and a Star Wars freak meet in a bar.  How do you create, mechanically, the means for all three to create a single narrative that they'll enjoy?  Mostly by granting different brands of authority to players, and balancing those authorities in metamechanical ways.  The wargamer manipulates the widgets, the drama junkie creates positive interplayer tension and the Star Wars freak keeps a rein on the thematics and color of the SIS.


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