thread: 2008-09-24 : That Reminds Me

On 2008-10-01, Jonathan Walton wrote:

Ron, I wasn't trying to bash the Forge; quit jumping on me.  Every time I can remember hearing the word "drift" (on the Forge, on SG, etc.) it was in a negative context.  If that doesn't fit with that you were trying to say, that's cool, but the way the word was commonly used overwhelmed any other potential meaning for me.  I appreciate the correction, but I don't appreciate you treating me like an ungrateful child.  I totally acknowledge that taxonomies of player desires are something I first encountered in the Forge tradition.

Vincent, cool. Your points about Universalis and Shock: are well taken (I've played both).  Where Universalis leaves rules gimmicks open-ended, leaving it up to the players to make sure their gimmicking doesn't fuck up the game, it seems like there would be room for a bit more guidance there, yeah?  Some plug-and-play or at least suggestions on how to formulate gimmicks that are helpful?  Defining praxis on the meta-level is a neat thought.  Seems like you could do that with IAWA too, yeah?  Like what if "for myself" refers to the player, not the character?


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