thread: 2008-11-24 : Salt River

On 2008-11-25, Weeks wrote:

This is something I've been meaning to ask about for ages but never got around to.  When you're actually playing, I get that anyone can suggest that dice are appropriate now.  But I'm curious about how you work who gets what say regarding the event that each die can be assigned to.  My recollection of the Otherkind rules (I can't find wherever you have it stashed just now) is that there is something specific about the role of the GM and the players and the setting regarding what the three dice determine.  But reading the stuff above (and through the link) there are a couple of places where it looks like when you're narrating, you just come up with the three consequences and then there are a couple of bits that suggest (but don't explicate) that you sort of negotiate ad hoc with the other players—taking cool suggestions and making everyone happy.

But I might be reading too much into it.  Do you play with anything formal in that regard?


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