thread: 2008-11-24 : Salt River

On 2008-11-25, Ben Lehman wrote:

I'm struck, at least in my view, by the amount of effort that must go into pre-rolls: figuring out what three things you're rolling over can't be that simple.

If you could make a rough guess, what percentage of the game was devoted figuring out the three things to roll about?

Did the game contain free play (play w/o direct reference to the mechanical resolution)? (I'm guessing yes.) If so, how much of the time were you spending in free play? Were there pure free play scenes? Did conflicts (I speak here of the fiction) get concluded in free play, with die rolls, or both? Did some players favor free play over die rolls, in terms of their play, or in terms of the resolution to conflicts (again, speaking in terms of the fiction, rather than in a technical sense)?



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