thread: 2008-11-24 : Salt River

On 2008-11-26, Joshua A.C. Newman wrote:

Not just men and Yankee politicians, but Whites. She was the most powerful person in town, and she was a *black woman*. It's 1870. You can do the math.

There was a time or two that, upon reflection, it felt like I talked around throwing down because I was afraid of losing something major. I can't remember what it was, so maybe it was more a worry than an actual experience.

I think, though, that part of the deal was that everyone was playing a bunch of characters, so we'd push and push with the supporting characters. One thing I'd do is push with a supporting character, then pick up dice cuz it was time to bring the hurts. The rule was that main cast got the priority on rolling, so Elizabeth or whoever would jump at the opportunity to set the parameters of the conflict, rather than let me, with much less investment in the wellbeing of this character, throw dice at her.

Also, I gotta scan John Smith. It's one of my favorite illustrations ever, and I just got a scanner.


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