thread: 2008-11-24 : Salt River

On 2008-11-26, Joshua A.C. Newman wrote:

I had some of Vincent's sketches, too. They're mostly very funny, so I scanned them, as well.

This is Gerard, a cunning prospector played by Emily. He's the partner of Elizabeth's Blackfoot cynic. Together, they fight crime.

No, wait, they take bounties on dismembered dimwits.

... whom they have dismembered.

Here's Stumpy Pete, a sad and shapeless "man" for hire. He's never found gold, silver, sapphires, or even a lump of coal to speak of, so he gets by as a paid snitch for whoever's got a buck or a can of beans. His name is Robert. You can do the math on that.

And here's John Smith, one of two. We met them in a conflict over a deed for a particular gold claim. Each of the John Smiths was declaring that it was *his* X on the deed. They had the least competent gunfight ever witnessed over it, including being scalded with coffee, several reloads, and the other John Smith having to beg the sheriff to finally please arrest that guy, cuz he just shot me *again*! Right in front of you!

(He never takes old grounds out of his coffee pot so it's this moldy, slimy slurry. That's not a freeze-frame. It's his coffee *dangling*.)


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