thread: 2008-11-24 : Salt River

On 2008-11-27, John Harper wrote:

Wow. I ask a question and not only do I get good answers, I get good follow-up questions, more good answers, AND art.

Thanks, everyone!

Em, your scene-setting question reminds me of the Engle Matrix Dracula game, which has a set of these great questions that you use to stage scenes (and pace the game). Like, "What unspeakable thing happens in Lucy's room?" I was thinking that something like that would mesh well with the Otherkind/Salt River method, and I guess it did.

I'm considering the Salt River method for a group of friends who are very much on the same page, premise-wise, and are excited to play, but who have only the slightest interest in mechanics as a storytelling tool. They loved the Wicked Age, but are now asking for something with even less "business" (no character sheets would be nice). So this might fit the bill, I think.


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