thread: 2009-04-07 : 3 Resolution Systems

On 2009-04-08, Callan wrote:

All the right arrows appear to be pretty bogus, anyway. Perhaps that's what you were trying to move away from in a wicked age but went too far?

To illustrate, intersect each right arrow and put a physical button blocking its progression from the cloud. Imagine a big red button on the RL table, and whatever it is, whether it's +2 to hit, a combat starts, or a trait comes to bear, that right arrow can only pass through to the squares if the button is pressed. Otherwise it doesn't apply.

Then I sit on my arse and wait for that mystical purty cloud to reach out some ectoplasmic arm from thin air, and press it. I'll be waiting awhile.

The thing is, all of those squares with a right arrow going into them, have a button on them already. They don't do anything unless you start following the procedure. Who is deciding to reach out and press the button? The cloud?

The right arrows are bogus because the cloud doesn't determine whether you have 'high ground' or a trait 'applies' - it's that someone decided to press the button that activates the squares. Might be the player called GM or some other player. But someone actually pressed the button - the cloud didn't affect the squares, a person decided to press a button.

I think an illustration with a cloud, an arrow pointing to a head, with 'suggestiveness' written along the arrow, and then from the head an arrow to a button that's amidst the squares, would be more accurate. Ah, with 'decides' along that arrow. Otherwise the cloud, right arrow, squares picture seems identical to an ouija board.

What were the pictures with a smiling face like? Or should my search fu be stronger? :)


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